Intro to the Merchant API

The API described in this document applies to the "merchant" side of Cratejoy and is useful to merchants and developers looking to write custom scripts or back-end extensions. The Cratejoy Merchant API provides an interface into most of the data and functionality of interest to merchants and developers.


Want access to the Merchant API?

Admin users can generate API keys from within the merchant dashboard.

Non-admin users, like Customer Support or Developers, cannot access this panel. If you need access then please contact your primary store admin to generate an API key for you.

API generation is done on the "API" page which is found under "Settings" on the main navigation in the merchant dashboard (Warning: Only Admin users on the account can see & access the API page):


Do not use your merchant login and password!

The API Client ID and Client Secret Key the gets generated for your store will be different from your login and password to