Getting started with the Cratejoy Store API



Getting started with the Store API requires (more than a little) experience with JavaScript. At the very least, you should know how to interact with JSON API data with jQuery and AJAX. If you don't know where to start, this Codecademy tutorial is a great resource.

The Store API gives you access to interact with your Cratejoy data from your store's theme code. You can use it to edit customer and subscription metadata, read information about your products, and more.


All endpoints in the Store API other than the products endpoint require a customer to be logged in. They all follow this location pattern:{endpoint}/

We also provide comprehensive access to your Cratejoy data through the Merchant API. The Merchant API cannot be used from your store's theme code, however.

If you want access to the Merchant API, Admin users can generate API keys from within the merchant dashboard.

Non-admin users, like Customer Support or Developers, cannot access this panel so they need access then please contact your store admin to generate an API key for them.

API generation is done on the "API" page which is found under "Settings" on the main navigation in the merchant dashboard (Warning: Only Admin users on the account can see & access the API page):